Florida Aviation Career Training, Inc.

Florida Aviation Career Training, Inc.


To obtain the knowledge, skill an aeronautical experience necessary to meet Federal Aviation Administration Part 61 Certification Standards.

Minimum Course Requirements

Commercial– 20 Hrs Dual/ 10 Hrs Solo/ 20 Hrs Ground/ 20 Hrs Self Study

10 Dual Instruction in Beechcraft Sierra $2,110.00
10 Dual Instruction in Piper Warrior $1,770.00
10 Hours Supervised Solo Flight Practice (Beechcraft Sierra) $1,560.00
20 Hours Ground Instruction $940.00
Lasergrade Written test $165.00
Flight test $500.00
Total Cost $7,045.00


Ground instruction prices are based on direct student/ instructor interaction and may be reduced by as much as two hundred dollars if student participation permits, i.e. four of more students available for formal classroom activities. Instructor time would be prorated based on the number of students in attendance.

Completion Standards

In order to qualify for a Commercial Pilot Certificate, the pilot must hold a Private Pilot Certificate and demonstrate through written, oral, and practical examination, that he/she meets the knowledge, skill, and experience requirements specified in FAR Part 61 of the Federal Regulations.

Total cost of the Commercial Pilot Certificate
based on the above figures (Approx.)

Prices As Of March 1, 2017   Subject To Change Without Notice